Links for December 28, 2013

Since it’s the holidays there isn’t a whole lot of activity that I want to write about  so I will just be brief and list out some of the links that I found interesting and useful.

I have been an emacs user for a number of years now but my knowledge of it barely scratches the surface.  Even though I manage to use it and get work accomplished in it I am far from a guru or proficient in it .   I definitely should learn more about my favourite editor in the coming year however because everytime I read about it or someone else’s emacs escapades using it I realize I should learn more elisp.  That was the case this week with the following blog post entitled  Emacs users are like Terry Pratchett’s Igors.

On other fronts I found the following article from the Wall Street Journal asking Do we want an erasable internet?  to be an interesting read.  I agree there are times when anonymity is important on the internet and people should be allowed to express themselves anonymously if they so choose but I am not sure everything should be erasable on the internet.  There is a really strong case to be made that knowledge and information should be recorded and not erasable because of it’s informational content and value.  Are there issues with the way the internet is today sure but the fact that information is persistent really has enhanced our knowledge and the fact that storage capacity is continually increasing it is becoming easier to archive anything and everything forever.

Surfing this week I also found a good website with a lot of reviews on mathematical books.  I will haven’t gone  through it thoroughly but someday I should and see what looks interesting to read.  Similarly in books I found this blog post about 5 insanely great books about mathematics you should read and noted a few books I definitely wanted to check out.

In programming I managed to find a really good concise and simple introduction to python.  Also discovered a very good post describing and comparing the open source databases mysql and postgresql.

Since I have a Nexus 7 it was fun to read and learn about a few new apps I should be downloading and installing for an android device from the following link:   So you’ve just got an Android device? Download these apps first .

Lastly from Wired I managed to find a good security related article on a supposed big security hole in the Internet.   All in all I managed to find some bookmark worthy links even if it was a slow week with the holidays.


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