Friday Reading List

Friday once again and time to look back at some of the interesting things I discovered and read about during the week.  Google was in the news once again this week for a number of different reasons but none bigger than its selling of Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Its pretty obvious Google purchased Motorola for its patents and it now seems that was an expensive acquisition.  By selling to Lenovo it cuts its mounting losses and commitment to running Motorola. Without Motorola to worry about it looks like Google can be more effective concentrating on other more lucrative areas for itself such as wearables and artificial intelligence.  Indeed their acquisition of Nest and this weeks  acquisition of artificial intelligence startup DeepMind seem to indicate Google has bigger plans.  Acquiring resources to research artificial intelligence seems to be high up on every big tech company’s wish list these days as Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft battle each other for top talent.  I learned a bit more  about where Google may be headed with all these new acquisitions by reading about how it intends to make our brains irrelevant in Wired this week.  It was a short but good read.


I discovered some useful programming links too this week.  The first useful one I noticed was a post on how to think about and do code reviews giving me some interesting ideas to further use code review to learn.  Another worthy read was a post about which programming language has the best package manager.  It did a thorough job of presenting the pros and cons for a number of different languages.  Several other posts I also really enjoyed were this post about creating a Unix Shell in Ruby and a page from Stanford on Essential C with a very good link to a short introdcutory video on pointers called Bink Pointer Fun.  Other notable links included this one on Bit Twiddling Hacks and a page about comparing floating point numbers.  I also managed to find some good Java content including this excellent reference interview guide.  Other java material I found was this page to help understand the Java 8 Streams API and  another page about how to program a state machine in Java. On the lighter side I found this brief, incomplete and mostly wrong history of programming languages fun and some useful HD programming wallpapers for the desktop.

Computer History

I am a bit of a history buff when it comes to computers so watching this enlightening youtube oral history of Adele Goldberg was interesting.

Operating Systems

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