Git Video Presentations Worth Watching

I’ve been learning and using git recently and in my spare time I have been on the look out for some good video resources to help enhance my understanding.  I have started watching more Youtube videos about Git to get a better handle and grasp of some of git’s more confusing concepts.  I still have a way to go before I can fully internalize what a rebase does and how it works.   However, through this learning process I discovered a couple of presentations that I think are worth watching to get a broader perspective on the topic.

The first is a presentation by Jessica Kerr called “Git Happens”  and the other is a presentation by Tim Berglund called “Git From the Bits Up”.  I found both presentations were beneficial to my understanding because they covered Git in slightly different ways.  As a newcomer to Git I find visual presentations really are enlightening and inspiring and give me further motivation to want to read about and learn the concepts on my own.  I have embedded both below as they are quality presentations that seem to have a lot of useful information for newcomers to git like myself.