Some Computer Science Video Lectures Worth Watching

I have been watching a number of computer science video lectures recently.  So I thought I would post the links to some of them today.The first set of lectures I want to make note of are the ones from ArsDigita University.  The computer science courses and lectures  that can be found there include the following:

ArsDigita University Courses

Math for Computer Science – Tara Holm
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – Holly Yanco
Discrete Math – Shai Simonson
How Computers Work – Gill Pratt
Object-oriented Program Design – David Goddeau
Algorithms – Shai Simonson
Systems – Luis Rodriguez
Web Applications – Philip Greenspun
Theory of Computation – Shai Simonson
Artificial Intelligence – Patrick Winston
Unix Workshop
Database Management Systems – Ravi Jasuja
Applied Probability – Tina Kapur

The courses and videos are from the early 2000’s however the material covered is excellent and should still be relevant today.  In the past I have watched a few of the videos taught by Professor Shai Simonson and found him to be very engaging and an excellent teacher.   At the moment I have been refreshing myself and working my way through the Discrete Math and Theory of Computation videos and would recommend them to anyone wishing to learn more about each subject.  The only unfortunate thing  about the videos is that they are only available in Real Video format (.rm) which is a real shame and a pain to view.  However, I searched the web and managed to find this alternative source from Youtube for most of the ArsDigita video  lectures mentioned above which does not require the use of Real Player.

Another set of links to Computer Science video lectures on Data Communications, Networking, Cryptography and Computer Security  have also been keeping me busy.  I have watched a number of lecture videos by Parviz Kermani on the Fundamentals of Computer Networking and he does a decent job of presenting the material on computer networks.  I have yet to watch the others video lectures pointed to by the page I mentioned above but I have always been interested in cryptography and computer security so with time I hopefully will watch those lectures as well.   I have included the links to the courses below:

As  you can see there is a tremendous amount of educational material available on the web for free.  It’s just a matter of finding enough time to devote to learning from them.


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