My First Post And Rationale For Blog

About Me

Robert Cina
Robert Cina

This is my first post so I should obviously tell you a little about myself. My name is Robert Cina. I am 43 years old and live in Toronto, Canada. I studied business/accounting and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1994 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. All my life I have always had a love for learning new things and problem solving. Math, science, technology and computers have always fascinated me. Being perpetually inspired by computers I discovered I had an aptitude for computer programming and decided to learn more about it formally. In 1998 I resolved to pursue a computer science degree and attended York University for 3 years. Even though I did not complete the honours Bachelor of Science degree for various reasons I learned a great deal from that experience and it broadened and reinforced in me my love for learning new things.

Rationale For Writing

So with that simple introduction out of the way I guess this brings me to the reason for creating this blog. The purpose really is to have a little corner on the web that I dedicate to jotting down my interests in math, science, technology, computers and computer programming that I come across. Hopefully, sitting down and actually writing about the stuff that I read and learn about that interests me on a daily basis will allow me to better comprehend and understand new concepts I come across and also serve as a way to archive my disparate thoughts.

Scope of Blog

The scope of the blog will probably delve into various aspects of technology and computers that I am dabbling in at the moment. For instance, I am always curious about the different operating system variants of BSD and linux and how to use them better. I also use Windows 7/8 and have an android device so I will probably explore those operating systems as well. Furthermore, I like to learn about programming languages like python ruby, c/c++, java, lisp, haskell, clojure and so on and the programming paradigms they use. I will probably also write about books I am currently reading or have read and hardware I have like the raspberry pi and nexus 7 from time to time. This blog is a work in progress and hopefully it will be a vehicle to expand my horizons and document what I think and learn about in those areas and help improve my writing and technical and research skills. It will definitely be a learning process and journey for me to see what I can accomplish with this blog, but my goal is to provide something interesting and fun for others to read and hope you get some insights or tidbits you didn’t already know.


If you want to contact me I am on twitter and my twitter handle is @cinarobert and here is my twitter page. Of course feel free to comment on what I post here on the blog if you so wish. Well I guess that does it for my first blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and if you made it this far thank you for reading.